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About Us


CustomGiftFactory founded late 2019, is all about designing and producing high-quality gifts that are customizable and perfect for gifting to your loved ones. We don't like the fact that most people around the world are gifting only generic gifts such as a bouquet of flowers or some chocolate.

Our primary purpose for this brand is to take the gifting experience to the next level and make every event a special occasion. We reintroduce you to the power of personalized custom gifts.



Our vision for CustomGiftFactory is broad, we recently released the upgraded version of our bestseller the custom moon lamp that we had been working on for over one year - and we must say, our customers love every detail of it. Since launch, we have been super grateful to have thousands of customers speak their opinion of our products and how much they like it to us.

We're always in the works to find new amazing gifts that would help the next version of our product range to be better than ever.


We hope you enjoy our products as much as we and our customers do.


- CustomGiftFactory Team

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